Friday, January 19, 2007

1/19/2007 - Afterthoughts in the afterlife

So my interviews with Princeton in Asia went well and I think I probably got the gig. I'll either wind up in Chiang Mai, Thailand, or Penang, Malaysia (familiar to some people as the setting for that Vince Vaughn film, Return to Paradise). Anyway, if I am accepted, it will be a tough choice. Penang has amazing weather, a fabulous beach, sweet accomodation, and better pay. Chiang Mai meanwhile is a significantly more bumpin' city inundated with vespas, Muay Thai, and happy-ending massages. I'm still waiting to hear back from the JET program in Japan, though, so that might be an option as well.
After I returned to NYC, I made my way back to Yonkers for a brief interlude with cousin Greg before going out with Mike and his girlfriend for the evening (and by going out I mean that we never made it out of her 4 x 5 ft apartment except for a 35 minute roundtrip trek to a club with a cover charge well beyond our means so we turned around and left). Anyway, when I got to Greg's apartment, I found him sitting on the couch engrossed in the playoff game between the Colts and Ravens on tv. The best part is that he had a Colts' baseball cap and a Ravens' baseball cap placed on the table facing off in front of him.
"Greg...are you serious?" I began. "There's no one else around to even witness your spirit"
"Whatever Jared. Just because you wake up in the morning and no one else is around doesn't mean that you sit around naked all day. Right?"

He had a point.


The Lunch Club said...

funny stuff jared.

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