Thursday, April 28, 2005

April 8th - 17th

The week after East Coast Odyssey:

THURSDAY, April 8 - International House Ball (bought my outfit at local thrift store, Savers. Spent most of the night futilely trying to reconcile with some girl after telling her honestly that she hangs on every guy.

FRIDAY, April 9 - Was up till 5am writing one of three big essays for the semester, this time on whether war is likely over the Taiwan issue. Spent a good amount of the day flying around on Adderall and asking British Craig all about England.

SATURDAY through MONDAY - At the Grampians hiking around and eating lots of Pistachios. I returned home to find that my room had been ransacked. Turns out it was this girl Louise playing a prank on me, but then I pranked her back by saying that her scholarship had been revoked and she was being kicked out of college because of the incident. She began tearing up immediately, so I had to tell her I was kidding or else she would have had a nervous breakdown. Word to the wise, don't pull a prank if you're a baby.

TUESDAY - Marcus and Jordan came over for dinner at IH and we partied afterwards at College Square (the American student microcosm) playing quarters with the rest of the crew from Melbourne Welcome. Jordan basically took over my role in the crew at College Square after I went off to live at IH. We often joke around that he's my doppelganger.

WEDNESDAY - Dinner with Marcella at IH followed by one of her usual "I'm so deeply troubled inside and make it obvious but won't tell anyone about it" moods. We walked back to College Square in silence, parted ways, then I went to the East Coast Odyssey reunion party (complete with fingerfood and wine).

THURSDAY - Popped an Adderall to make screenwriting class more interesting. IH scholars dinner was at night followed by lots of dancing and drunken fun at Puggs (the local bar where everyone goes).

FRIDAY - Daniel the Swede's houseparty with Shannon, followed by meandering around Fitzroy St. with 2 Danes (one of which was Jonathan, my tentmate from East Coast Odyssey), Daniel, Shannon, a crazy German and some American. The other Dane (not Jonathan) kept trying to get Shannon in the sack all night to no avail.

SATURDAY - Watched "The Medallion", "Last Tango In Paris", and "Trekkies". At night, I got dressed up and went out to the casino with the College Square guys. Jordan and I pooled together our money to come out $5 on top at the roulette table and I retired from gambling. Upon returning back to IH, I looked at porn circa 4am in the computer lab and prayed there weren't any hidden surveillance cameras.

Notes - Been spending lots of quality time with Neil and Lily lately. Neil is a 6'4" white Australian while Lily is a 5'1" Chinese girl who is told by other Chinese that she doesn't look Chinese. I think she looks Chinese.

- Been listening to lots of A.C. Newman and Snow Patrol.

- Poppie's been moved into assisted living and the burden of transferring all his belongings along with everything else has fallen on Auntie's shoulders.

- Lane is still struggling to graduate within a few weeks and there's a possibility his advisor might not pass him for the third semester in a row.

- Played ping pong tonight for the first time in a while and it felt good.