Monday, January 15, 2007

1/13/2007 - NYC & Princeton

So I'm in Princeton, NJ, right now killing some time at their university library before I head in for my interview to see if I'm good enough to qualify as an international fellow. Funny, I already thought I was an international fellow being that I've been around the world a little bit. Anyway, I don't know what to make of this campus. I'll tell you one thing, it really sucks when you have to poop while traveling, because it never seems like there's an available place to go when you need one, especially on a college campus, so I always tend to search out the closest library wherever I'm at and seek refuge there. I had quite a time just getting to Princeton to New York. I almost got on the wrong subway back in the city, wasted a ticket, barely made the train out of NYC, and then didn't have time to buy a ticket before boarding a $2 shuttle to the campus and therefore had to pay an extra $5 for purchasing it after already boarding the shuttle. I stood in the pseudo-light-sun showers after deboarding the train getting my bearings for a moment and debating whether or not I was feeling intimidated being amidst an ivy league campus. Being the overcompensator that I am, I just decided to start being ultra critical of everyone I passed instead. I flew into NYC on Thursday afternoon and hung out with my cousin Greg. He's a 33 year old big kid who never really matured beyond his college goofball self, and together we went to one of the top 5 largest malls in America just outside of Yonkers. That night we watched "Fearless" with Jet Li and practiced our Chinenglish (kind of like Spanglish, except that neither of us really speak any Chinese, though Greg did study Mandarin for a bit and lived in Singapore for several years among many other countries - he truly is an international fellow). Yesterday I met up with my friend Mike who recently graduated from NYU film school and works freelancing as an erotic fiction writer for magazines such as Penthouse in addition to serving as a production assistant on various music video and other types of film shoots. I killed the rest of the afternoon at the Borders right next to Madison Square Garden perusing through a GRE study book and researching my potential trip to Puerto Rico with Emily at the end of February.

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