Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bad sleeps, the ants, Mark's in the hospital - Saturday, June 9th

I woke up early this morning, maybe because I've been waking up every morning at 6:45am, or maybe because I had to pee intensely. Needless to say, I forced myself back to sleep and awoke around 11:30am to find 3 missed calls from Leah, who's staying at the guest house, completely unsure about what to do, and has probably been up since 6am due to the jetlag. Leah is the latest member of PiA to arrive in Chiang Mai.
I want to eat a bowl of my coco-pops (coco crispies) right now, but I don't have any milk and I'm too lazy to walk downstairs to the 7-11 next door and buy some. There are all these ants crawling around my room now I think because I left out my spoon with some yogurt crusted on it for a day, but I can't figure out for the life of me where they're coming from. This one-by-one slaughter that I've been carrying out isn't the most effective.
Just a few minutes ago I got off the phone with Mark, who called me from the hospital to let me know they're refusing to release him until his insurance info is cleared up. He might just end up walking out on his own very soon if they don't let him out. To offer some background, Mark - one of the other Farang CMU faculty members from Coe College in Iowa, who looks strikingly similar to actor/comedian Brian Posehn - suffered food poisoning from eating at the very same Mexican restaurant I ate at with him (along with 10 other people) the other night, though he's the only one who got sick. He talked my ear off for about 36 minutes straight, probably because he's been so deprived of social interaction.
"And so in 'The Commitment' by Dan Savage" he went on, "They go to British Columbia to get married, just symbolically at least. They're not from British Columbia, and it's not even legal there, but then, I have to go. Bye"
Without warning, after blabbering for those 36 minutes, he hung up on me. I assumed it was because someone had entered his room offering hope of a timely discharge. There really was a God and I had been saved from Mark's desperate chattiness...And then he called me back five minutes later and went on for another 36 minutes. (note: Mark, if you're reading this, I like talking to you. Don't get the wrong idea. You're a beautiful person, even if you look like the mailguy from Just Shoot Me).

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